What are the Different Types of Pocket Knives?

A pocket knife is basically a knife, but with two or more blades that fit and can be folded inside its handle. Another name for a pocket knife is ‘jackknife.’ The existence of this tool was traced back more than 2000 years ago. As well as that, these pocket knives are flexible and can be literally used for anything! In fact, it can be used for opening an envelope, self-defense, and even peeling fruits. Interestingly, pocket knives were initially developed from a bone tool, that eventually evolved to as it is now.

There are many types of pocket knives. To know more about it, check out the list below.

Pocket Knives According to the Number of Blades

Single-Bladed Pocket Knife– This type of knife has a larger blade as it focuses on one blade only. It also has a lock mechanism that allows the user to use it for a specific task that requires force. Nevertheless, it’s not as flexible as other pocket knives since it only has one blade.

Multi-Bladed Pocket Knife– Multi-bladed pocket knives can have two to four various types of blades. With this kind of structure, this type of pocket knife may be conveniently used for camping or traveling. It also has a wide variety of tasks able to perform. On the downside, a multi-bladed knife may not be as strong as a singled-bladed pocket knife. It is also not as enduring as a single-bladed pocket knife, since it has an extra number of blades.

Multi-Tooled Pocket Knife– This type of pocket knife is usually bulkier than those two mentioned above. Unlike the single-bladed and multi-bladed pocket knife, the multi-tooled pocket knife has other tools aside from its blade. As its name suggests, you may find a nail file, scissors, can-opener, saw toothpick, tweezers, and even a magnifying glass packed inside it along with a single swiss army knife.

Pocket Knives According to their Edges

Serrated Edge– A pocket knife that has a serrated edge is somewhat deemed as a modern invention that started out as a plain edge. This pocket knife is ideally used when you are in need of a cutting tool that requires a sawing motion. These serrated blades, give this type of pocket knife an additional strength that allows the user to cut on the harder stuff.

Furthermore, pocket knives with serrated edges are most likely to be thinner than those that have a plain edge. However, serrated edges pocket knives are clumsier in comparison to the plain-edged blade. Additionally, if you wanted to sharpen this type of knife, you have to send it back to the manufacturer if you’re not sure how to do it. One clue is that it is harder to sharpen than the plain bladed pocket knife.

Partially Serrated Edge– This pocket knife is where the plain and fully serrated knife meet. This knife has a plain edge starting to its tip down to half of its blade, while the rest of its half has a serrated section. This one is quite popular as it both has two sections.

This pocket knife can be tough in cutting, but could still do a fine cut. Also, it’s less clumsy since its plain section fixes that problem. Nevertheless, there is only one disadvantage. Like the serrated pocket knife, the serrated section of this partially serrated pocket knife is hard to sharpen as well.

Plain Edged Pocket Knife– A plain edged pocket knife has no serrations. It has a simple cutting blade that could make a fine cut compared to the serrated one. Plus, it is much easier to sharpen. Although it seems almost perfect, one drawback is that it cannot perform the task of a serrated pocket knife.

Pocket Knives According to their Blades

Pen Bladed Pocket Knife– This pocket knife with such type of blade is initially used in sharpening quills. As time goes by, it can now also used in cutting small pieces of stuff. The feature of this knife is also most commonly found in a Swiss Army Knife. Characteristically, it has a small, spined-edge of a knife that slopes toward each other at the same angle. With that, it makes it look like the point of a spear.

Clip-Pointed Pocket Knife– This type of pocket knife’s blade is deemed as one of the most popular blades. Generally, the design of this blade is meant to create its tip sharper. A pocket knife with a clip point is perfect for piercing and cutting stuff, in general. However, its narrow tip makes the clip-pointed pocket knife weak.

Drop-Pointed Pocket Knife– This type of pocket knife usually has a straight spine. However, towards its point, it gently slopes down in order to meet the bottom part of the blade, which then formed a drop point.