Types of Knives For Everyday Use

When we were kids, knives were a big no-no. But as we turn into adults, we realized that a knife is an essential but versatile tool. It is one of the important tools we should have around the house because you can use it outdoors, in the kitchen, or when you have to cut open something on the spot. However, not all knives are suitable for everyday use. There are different everyday use knives such as flipper knives or multi-tools. If you are searching for the perfect everyday knife, consider yourself lucky because we are here to narrow down your search by listing down the different types of knives suitable for everyday use. 

  • Every-Day Carry or EDC Knife – Also known as the jackknife or the pocket knife, EDC knives are compact knives that have one folding blade that is usually 3.5 inches long and has a locking mechanism. Some of these EDC knives have spring-loaded opening tools, which makes them extra efficient to use. EDC knives are known for their sturdiness, simplicity, and compact size. However, do not expect that you can use this type of knife to do everything. That is why when purchasing your EDC knife, choose the one that has a blade suited to the tasks that you frequently do. 
  • Swiss Army Knife or Multi-Tool Knife – This type of knife often comes with several additional tools such as tweezers, toothpicks, saws, nail files, corkscrews, scissors, can openers, and even magnifying glasses. The Swiss army knife is the type of knife you can use, from cutting kindling for a campfire to breaking out of a locked bathroom. They are quite sturdy, and it is perfect for your everyday tasks. However, the downside of this knife is that it’s quite bulky and a bit heavy. That is why if you’re planning to have one, make sure you do not put it in your back pocket. Trust us, and you would not want to sit on one of these knives. 
  • Multi-Blade Knife – This type of knife has two blades with different lengths and shapes for various tasks. The multi-blade knife includes legendary models like the canoe knife, Barlow knife, and the congress knife. Some brands manufacture multi-blade knives that have three or four blades included. This type of knife gives you the advantage of always having the right kind of blade for the job, so multi-blade knives are considered one of the best camping knives. 
  • Tactical Folding Knife or Hunting Knife – This type of knife often comes with blades that are five inches or more, and it typically has a fixed and ergonomic handle. The tactical folding knife or hunting knife is designed to be worn on your hip or leg, and it is meant to do big jobs such as chopping underbrush, skinning a fresh kill, and even defending yourself against predators. 
  • Pocket Knife – This is a small but functional knife that is suitable for everyday use. Even if it has a shorter handle and clade, it can be handy in different situations. Most pocket knives in the market are made with sturdy carbon steel that gives you precise cutting every time. It is also durable and low maintenance, which means that you can clean it with your hands after every use. Pocket knives are portable enough to be carried around anywhere. 
  • Pen Knife – This type of knife is unassuming, and it is built with a small blade that’s not meant to be too sharp. It is a low-profile knife that makes it easy to carry every day. You can use this to remove a splinter, open letters, and even tighten the screws on your glasses. Most pen knives do not have a locking mechanism. That is why you must remember to practice extra care if you want to have one.