What are Traditional Pocketknives

Knives are versatile tools that we can use in different situations. Despite being used primarily for cutting, the modern design of knives offers a wider range of usage, giving the user a more efficient and convenient experience. The evolution of knives led to the creation of fascinating designs that are not only great for cutting but also for other types of work. Pocket knives are one of the most popular types of knives, mainly because of their portability, style, and efficiency. Because of their stylish appearance, they often become the ideal gift women give to their husbands. 

If you are a fan of EDC items, pocket knives should be included in the top list of items you should bring. It is a folding knife that is known to consist of one or more blades. From the name itself, the size of a pocket knife is small enough to fit inside a pocket, making it easier to carry compared to other knives. Interestingly, there are many ways you can use a pocket knife. Newer designs of these compact tools also include other tools, such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and so on. Because of this, the pocket knife is the perfect tool you can bring almost anywhere, as long as it fits in your pocket. 

Moreover, there is a type of pocket knife that you might find interesting. Traditional pocket knives are also compact knives that also serve the same purpose. They are small tools that could fit in your pocket, and at the same time, perform an outstanding job. The only difference is their appearance; a traditional pocket knife showcases a more vintage and elegant look, which is perfect if you are a fan of collecting different kinds of knives. It can also be fun to start collecting antique knives as a hobby as well.

What is a Traditional Pocket Knife? 

As mentioned earlier, the main difference between a traditional pocket knife and a common pocket knife is its appearance. It is not difficult to distinguish the appearance of a traditional pocket knife since it is known for its vintage look. Traditional pocket knives were popular tools during the early 20th century. These old-looking knives boast their unique and stylish design. They may not be as efficient compared to most of the modern pocket knife designs; traditional versions prove to be an excellent tool in terms of durability and looks. 

Most of these pocket knives are polished to perfection without adding grip to the handle, making it slip out of your pocket. Many traditional pocket knives are known to have wooden handles, along with a beautiful finish, which is sometimes engraved by an artist. A traditional pocket knife is a perfect choice to display in your knife collection, mainly because of its vintage looks, style, and rarity. 

List of Traditional Pocket Knives

Despite having a classic background, traditional pocket knives are still popular today, especially for collectors. Here is a list of traditional pocket knives: 

  • Boker Vintage Mini Trapper – it is a classical pocket knife that showcases nickel silver bolsters, along with brass liners. 
  • Maserin Starlight – is a sturdy-looking pocket knife that has a three-inches blade. This knife originated in Italy, wherein it was carefully manufactured to deposit the 24 karat gold onto its steel. 
  • Boker Copperhead with Stag – is a German knife that has a three-inches carbon steel blade. Its vintage appearance is apparent, thanks to its design, along with a mirror polish. 
  • Roper Carbon Steel Laredo Folders – is indeed a unique-looking pocket knife. From the name itself, it is made of carbon steel blades, which are perfect for classical style. Its handle is made from stag and zebrawood, giving it a more elegant and vintage look. 
  • Case Vietnam War Service Ribbon Gift – this pocket knife is a popular gift set inspired by the Vietnam War Service Ribbon. It is among the most significant traditional pocket knives, mainly because of its rich historical value. Just by looking at this knife gives a pure classical feeling, making it the perfect gift and collectors’ item. Its blade spans more than three inches encased in a smooth bone handle. 
  • Case Trapper with Pocket Clip – this knife is much of an innovative design, thanks to the clip attached to its handle. Most traditional pocket knives are known for their polished body, making them slippery when put inside the pocket. This pocket clip is the best solution to prevent your knife from slipping out of your pocket.