Best Knives for Carving Turkeys, Chickens and Other Birds

While a kitchen knife can help you get the job done in the kitchen, it is always great to keep at least a couple of slicing knives to make celebrations extra special. It is not always that we get to have turkeys for dinner, and it is only on rare occasions that we get to carve and slice chicken and other bird meats, so we might as well do it with elegance.

Carving and slicing knives make for an excellent addition to your collection. While you won’t use them as often as you do your kitchen knife, these blades deserve a slot on your set, simply for their unique ability to slice through and deal with the texture of most roasted bird meats. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or other special celebration, having finely-carved roasts on your dinner plate would always be a beautiful foo experience – and carving knives will help you with that.

If you are planning on investing in carving knives, you may want to read on below as we explore some of the top-notch knives for carving turkeys, chickens, and other bird meats.


The Wusthof Classic is an absolute charmer for gourmets and chefs worldwide for their bird meat carving prowess. This 8-inch German steel carving knife is forged with a robust bolster and full tang for that easy control of the blade. With its triple-riveted synthetic handle, the knife promises years of usage, which is a total seller. It also comes with a 6-inch fork to allow you to carve off thin slices from that delectable roasted turkey without having to grease your fingertips.


Turduckenhen, quartered to show layers within

For slicing off significant cuts of cooked bird meat, the Mercer Genesis Collection 10-Inch Granton Carving Knife is the tool for the job. The blade has spherical dimples, making the process a lot easier, even though sometimes stubborn roasted meats. With its long and thin knife, you can indeed remove the entire breast from the bone and separate the legs and thigh from the bird’s body. The handle robust handle also helps maintain control. Grease won’t be a problem since the material is dense rubber.


Elegant and precise – this blade forged in precision from a single billet of Japanese steel can certainly make you fall in love with Dalstrong knives even more. The 12-inch blade boasts 66 layers of Damascus cladding overlaid in its core, making it supremely resistant to stain and giving it its patterned elegance. The thin, tapered blade with its spherical dimples helps reduce surface resistance, allowing for hassle-free slices through the meat. 

You can also effortlessly follow contours while carving due to the blade’s flexibility. As for the construction, this knife’s handle is meticulously hand-polished and is triple riveted to the full tang, giving it the feel of comfort and control when held. The Shogun also comes with a full sheath so you can secure it safely when not needed.


You can undoubtedly rely on Victorinox Fibrox carving knife for that seamless, more delicate carving off your roasted bird meat. The knife’s high-carbon stainless steel and thin edge allow you to sharpen the knife to perform at its best. This blade is perfect for making precision cuts on bird meats, even on sturdy cooked Turkey breast. The non-slip, ergonomic handle provides a safe and comfortable feel in hand, so you can carve all the parts you want and make thin or thick slices.



With a keen and razor-sharp blade, you can see the cooked bird meat fall off without a hitch. One might say that the edge is too sharp for a kitchen knife – a slight touch could leave you bleeding, no kidding. This knife is ideal for prying the bits of meat from the bones, but it could not be well-suited in carving through thick portions of the flesh.

The knife’s handle is naked – making it look simply stunning. It is why most knife-lovers prize Tiktaalik knives: they are minimalist and distinct from any other knife sets. However, since there is no rubber or epoxy handle of some sort, grease while carving off that roasted bird meat might get in the way. Nevertheless, the weight of the knife provides a balanced control and comfort when used.


Choosing a carving knife that will work for you requires the first-hand experience. So, although we have introduced you to some of the best carving knives, you still have to see the actual blade for yourself – hold it by the handle and see if it feels right. Another thing to remember when planning to own a carving knife is to think about how versatile it is to use it for other cooking ventures and not just on holidays like Thanksgiving.