6 Knives That Women Can Carry for Self-Defense

Attacks on women are disproportionately high, making it critical for women to carry a self-defense weapon. While there are several ways to avoid becoming a victim, the unthinkable happens from time to time, and one is forced to defend themselves despite being vigilant. That is why it is critical to have at least one of the best self-defense weapons for women on hand. Do you know that one out of every six women in the United States has been raped or has been the victim of attempted rape? We are familiar with our surroundings being a woman, you must accept the fact that 20% of them will be raped during their lifetime. One-third will be sexually abused. There will also be assault, which includes muggings and other forms of violence. As a result, you should carry a self-defense weapon as a woman.

Consider Your Self-Defense Weapons in a New Light

The only sure way to always protect yourself, up close and in hand-to-hand physical combat, is to weaponize your purse or pocket contents. It is now easier than ever to conceal non-lethal self-defense weapons that are undetectable until you strike for example the different types of pocketknives may be handy in crucial moments and are less obvious. It doesn’t help to yell for help. Even if you are physically strong, you may still be outmatched. There’s almost nothing you can’t carry with you that can be weaponized to render your assailant not only injured but incapacitated. Remember that your primary goal is to survive. 

Let’s look at some of the great ways to catch your attacker off guard. 

1. Tactical Comb Knife

What is the difference between a tactical knife and a regular knife? For one thing, they don’t look like knives. Your attacker will only realize that your hairbrush or pen is concealing a sharp weapon at the last second. Stabbing your attacker at close range is more lethal than a bullet because you have more control over the location and severity of the injury; a penknife can attack with the surgical precision of a scalpel.

Most tactical knives can also be clipped to your belt, clothing, or the inside of a purse, allowing you to wear them for maximum effect and quickly grab it when something falls. Using a knife for self-defense is also a very important skill that a woman must learn.  When choosing a blade, remember the 3/3 rule: 3mm thick and 3 inches long. This will keep your knife light but strong enough to inflict damage. These knives are also much easier to conceal than a gun, so you can bring them almost anywhere.

2. Folding Locking Credit Card Knife Black Stainless Steel 2.75

This credit card knife is the most innovative and stylish personal safety tool available. It appears to be a regular credit card, but it conceals a blade that unfolds when needed. Simply release the blade lock on one end of the blade, and the blade is instantly released for you to unfold and use. It is made of surgical stainless steel, which guarantees smooth cutting and durability. Carrying the knife is simple; simply slip it into a wallet or pocket and you’ll have quick access to it. You will feel secure wherever you go with the safety technology this foldable credit card knife holds.

3. Tactical Keychain Kubotan Serrated Knife 2.5

A keychain knife and a Swiss knife can be used as self-defense weapons.

This Kubotan key ring jabber is small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or with keys. Its hidden blade measures 2.5 inches long and is made of chrome-plated stainless steel. To reveal the blade, simply unscrew the jabber end. In an emergency, the pointed Kubotan end can be used to strike attackers or even smash a glass window. The tool is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and has a textured exterior for a better grip when in use. The Kubotan is 4.5 inches long and has an overall length of 6.5 inches when the blade is exposed. Furthermore, it has a key ring attachment, which makes it lightweight and portable.

4. Mini Metal Brutus Bulldog Keychain Knuckle Knife


You may have heard that placing your keys between your fingers as a form of self-defense against potential attackers is a good idea. However, with the Mini Metal Brutus Self-Defense Knuckles, you’ll be better equipped than ever to strike an oncoming attacker. Simply clip Brutus to your keychain and use it whenever you feel threatened. Its sharp edges, made of durable stainless steel, will deliver a destructive punch to your assailant. Furthermore, it has a concealed 1.25”-inch blade with a trigger-assisted opening that can add another level of protection or simply be used for everyday cutting tasks, making it the ultimate self-defense weapon.

5. Toferner Celtic Pocket Knife


Many knives are obvious in what they are because they conform to standard appearances, but the Toferner stands out as a great option for a blade that is not obvious due to its appearance. It is referred to as the best-concealed knife because it can be worn concealing its other purposes. This one has no moving parts because it was forged from a single piece of metal, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or failing when you need it.

The leather sheath that comes with this blade is useful because it allows you to keep the blade in your pocket, wear it as a necklace, or tie it to something for easy access. The fact that it could appear as a one-of-a-kind accessory is advantageous because it is less likely to be identified as a weapon in a potential survivor situation. I like how you can be creative with how you attach this one to your gear, kit, or how you carry it.

6. Kershaw Dune Full Tang Neck Knife (4008X) Compact 3.8” 3Cr13 Stainless Steel


Dune by Kershaw is a high-quality neck knife with unrivaled performance and style. The Dune is an excellent backup knife, handy utility knife, or simply an unobtrusive, easy-to-carry EDC ready for immediate deployment. The 3.8″ blade is longer than most comparable knives. The tanto-style tip is ideal for piercing and, when combined with the Dune’s sword-like appearance, gives it a sleek, unmistakable look. The solid full tang construction of the Dune is made of 3Cr13 steel and finished with a black-oxide chemical bath, which adds extra corrosion and wear resistance for increased longevity. For added strength, the handle is made of a nylon synthetic polymer and reinforced with glass threads. The Dune comes with its own stylish lanyard and molded sheath that secures the knife and allows for a quick release when needed. The Dune, weighing 2.5 oz., is a strong, sturdy, functional, lightweight, stylish knife that won’t get in the way of everyday activities.

Female self-defense knives are frequently marketed as cutesy accessories, with little regard for their actual effectiveness. Many of the options available today are chosen for their functionality rather than their appearance. Although appearance is an important factor in choosing some of these options, it is not the most important factor. However, blade options can be very attractive. You must weigh the knife’s appearance against its potential defensive ability.