What are the Different Types of Hunting Knives?

If you are to go on a hike, your trip is incomplete without a set of hunting knives. For some people, one knife may seem enough, but they were wrong. Although there is no doubt that all types of hunting knives are very useful when you are out there in the wild, they can be more useful for a specific purpose where they cannot be replaced. Like for instance, a hunting knife cannot fully replace a skinning knife, or a caping knife could be replaced by a camp knife. 

Also, there are various reasons why you should need hunting knives out in the wild. The first reason is that it could help you against all dangers of the wild. The second is that these hunting knives will help you with your hunting practices if you are a beginner hunter. 

In this article, we are going to tackle hunting knives and their purposes. 

  1. Bowie Knife- Back in the 19th and 20th centuries, most hunter’s top pick hunting knife is the bowie knife. It is a double-edged knife that can pierce anything that you needed to cut through. In fact, it can do almost everything a hunter needs to do while out in the hunting field. Aside from its use in hunting, you can use the bowie knife as self-defense against a threatening danger in the jungle.  
  2. Camp Knife- A camp knife is a classic knife that has an appeal. Much like the bowie that can perform several various tasks in hunting, the camp knife, as its name suggests, helps a hunter to do different things around the campsite. However, a hunter can also take this to the wild for piercing or splitting branches. 
  3. Boning Knife- If you are looking for a knife that could perform in the kitchen and in the wild, you have here a deboning knife called, boning knife. This knife is particularly useful if you are hunting for food in the wild. In addition to that, it is a hunter’s best bet in removing meat from a carcass. Characteristically, the boning knife has a narrow blade and is said to be quite similar to the fillet knife. 
  4. Caping Knife- If you’re in the wild and you thought of something like bringing home an animal trophy, a caping knife is what you need. It is the best hunting knife that could help a hunter slice through the animal in a way that the neck is preserved. The caping knife has a notable upturned point on a smaller blade and works like a scalpel because of its razor-sharp blades. One might ask, why use this short caping knife? The reason is that the process of caping requires utter flexibility and precision as one makes sharp and quick cuts around the neck, which cannot be achieved with a longer blade. 
  5. Buck Knife- Buck knife is a generic name for a style of knife invented in the 1960s. The said knife gained immense popularity and was sold under the name ‘buck knife.’ Generally, the buck knife is a folding knife that is really suitable for hunting. The buck knife also has clip points that were initially designed for hunters. However, how can this folding knife be better than a knife with a fixed handle? Well, it depends on the purpose. Although a fixed handle knife seems much stronger and useful in performing heavier tasks, a buck knife is a portable hunting knife that is suitable if there are sudden dangers. 
  6. Skinning Knife- This type of knife is for those who need tools to carefully slice through the animal without tearing the hide. The skinning knife is specifically designed for cutting skins. It has a short razor-sharp blade that makes cutting through the skin easier. 
  7. Hunting Knife- Aside from its name, the hunting knife is also known as the ‘hunting dagger.’

This knife is a traditional knife about 7 inches long, which can be used for several purposes. However, it is generally used for killing and hog hunting. Like the bowie knife, the hunting knife is a double-edged bladed knife that is designed to pierce through the hog’s heart.