What are Survival Outdoor Edge Knives

Are you planning to go on a camping trip with your family or friends? Camping is an excellent experience to connect with nature, which is a great way to unwind after a stressful week at work. It also offers a beautiful bonding time with your family, especially your kids. Going out in the woods could also teach us a thing or two when it comes to survival. Proper preparations are essential to make sure our trip would be a worthwhile experience. 

Interestingly, there are several tools we need to prepare before we go camping. Our camping bags should be filled with the essential items we need to help us survive outside the comfort of our home. One of the most important tools you need to carry for your camping trip is a survival knife. 

Carrying a survival knife is essential if you plan to go camping. This type of knife could be used for various purposes that help in survival, especially in times of emergency. Furthermore, knowing how to identify a good knife is important when preparing your things to make sure your knife could get the job done. Outdoor Edge is a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality knives. 

Outdoor Edge Knives

If you are looking for the best knife that you can use for different purposes, the Outdoor Edge Knives is definitely a great choice. Outdoor Edge Knives come in various design, which also varies in its usage. Some knives are perfect for cooking; some are perfect for fishing, while there are designs perfectly suited for working outdoors. The wide variations of designs by the Outdoor Edge Knives allow a versatile cutting experience for the user. 

Moreover, Outdoor Edge Knives is a knife manufacturer based in Colorado. Outdoor Edge Knives is known as among the most significant manufacturer of knives around the globe, mainly because of its exceptional quality and fascinating production. In addition to this, Outdoor Edge does not only boast its wide range of knives; it is also known for producing other tools, such as axes, saws, knife sharpeners, and so on. These varieties of tools, along with the excellent quality, is what helped built Outdoor Edge’s reputation in the industry. That is why when it comes to quality: sharpness, style, and durability, Outdoor Edge Knives are sure to be on the top spot. 

SaberBack Bowie

The SaberBack Bowie is an Outdoor Edge knife that showcases a marvelous design. It is a clear definition of a survival knife with all its characteristics that are ideal for outdoor use. If you are planning to go on a camping trip, the SaberBack Bowie is the perfect knife you need to bring. This knife is packed with unique features that make your outdoor adventures a worthwhile experience. It is lightweight, perfectly balanced, and easy to use, perfect for finesse cutting. 

This knife showcases a hard-finished blade that spans more than ten inches long. The sharpness of its edge is incredibly efficient in cutting, and at the same time, it is very comfortable to use because of the rubberized TPR handle. Along with the SaberBack Bowie’s powerful performance, it is easy to carry, which makes it the ideal tool to bring outdoors. 

Le Duck 

If you are looking for a more compact and lightweight knife, Le Duck is a great choice. Although its size is relatively smaller compared to the SaberBack Bowie, it is packed with powerful features. Le Duck is a multi-purpose knife that is perfect for outdoor use. From the name itself, it showcases a distinct duck head handle that gives the user a secure and comfortable grip, along with a stylish finish. Unlike the SaberBack Bowie, Le Duck’s blade only spans 2.5”. However, the incredibly small size of the Le Duck still makes it efficient that lasts for a long time – thanks to its stainless blade that is heat-treated for durability and performance. 

There are many other factors that make the Le Duck an interesting outdoor knife. Its relatively small size makes it portable and easy to carry, which are perfect if you are on a trip that requires you to walk on the field.