The Interesting History of the Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knife

When it comes to useful tools, the Swiss Army knife is arguably the most versatile. The Swiss Army knife is not just an ordinary knife like its name suggests, as it also consists of different tools that serve different purposes. The most common tools that are built-in to the Swiss Army knife … Read more

Difference Between Japanese and Western Knives

Knives vary in shapes, sizes, blade types, angles, bevels, steel types, and so on. Most companies that manufacture knives produce both Japanese and Western types of knives.  Japanese knives have taken the professional chef’s, home cooks- everybody’s heart, over the last few decades. Western knives are also pretty great knives. So, what … Read more

Top Characteristics of German Knives

There is such a high level of quality and commitment to craftsmanship in German knives that prove Germans are among the most prominent knife-makers in the world. As a result, German knives remain an indispensable ally in many versatile occasions. Whether for camping, hunting, survival in the wild, or just in the kitchen, German knives are a reliable … Read more

What Makes Japanese Knives Different from Others?

When you talk about knives, nothing comes close to the quality and durability Japanese culinary knives offer. They have an amazing reputation in the industry. If you have tried using any of the esteemed Japanese knives, then you probably know what we are talking about. From Samurai swords to handy kitchen knives, … Read more

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