“Knives Out:” A Movie Review

“Who has done it?” A question that has been the core of many mystery plots, revolving around iconic characters trying to figure out who committed the crime. The complex story happens nearly everywhere, which gave birth to some of the famous houses, mansions, trains, ships, and boats in movie history, serving as … Read more

5 Paintings, Which Disappeared, But Were Found

Arts stolen are mostly worth millions of dollars and are often super hard to sell on the black market. Thus, thieves who take away famous works, are often in a precarious position of not knowing what to do other than returning it or demanding a huge sum of money. While some art … Read more

Knife Laws in Different Countries

Knives are one of the most essential tools you can bring. You can use it in various situations when traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting. From cutting a vine, trimming clothes for emergencies, slicing a juicy fruit, to ripping the salami or baguette, knives do a lot of work and can help … Read more

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