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Puma Knives

PUMA is one of the famous trade-marks that gave Solingen, Germany its name "City of Knives ". Founded in 1769, the Company's first rule was, and still is today, first class quality which is reflected in their hunting and sporting knives. Since then, the skill and workmanship has been passed down from father to son, resulting in a combination of unsurpassed quality between the artisan and his art. Continuous contacts with other manufacturers, custom knife makers and designers, from all over the world led and lead to technical cooperation, exchange of experience and new models which complete the manufacturing program. A precondition for cooperation is that quality corresponds to our own high standard submitted to strict quality control. The PUMA guarantee stands for the utmost quality and the very best materials and craftsmanship.  We are extremely proud to offer this exceptional line of sporting cutlery, and invite our customers to experience the superb old-world craftsmanship built into each knife.