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Pocketknives - Timeless Treasures In Steel

It's the thrill of owning your first Pocketknife that lures thousands of young men and women into the knife collecting hobby each year. For many of us, it was that memorable trip to the local Hardware store to pick out our shiny new Whittler. For others, it may be their much-anticipated first Cub Scout or Boy Scout knife found hidden under the Christmas tree. ThePocketknifeis offered in countless variations, which add to the mystique of collecting. Some of the more popular patterns include the Whittler, Stockman, Trapper, Jackknife, Muskrat, Peanut, Canoe, Toothpick, Congress, Doctors, Swing Guard and Gunstock. No wonder Pocketknives are such a treasured possession, and have been for centuries. Pocketknives, such as the Single Blade Toothpick and Multi-Blade Stockman, are pure using knives, designed and built specifically for cutting twine, wood, leather, paring an apple and of course skinning small game. Function and versatility are the key elements, as they have been handed down for centuries, as the right of passage from Father to Son.Daves Knife Worldis proud to carry an impressive selection of Pocketknives, including such brands as Case, Queen, Schrade, Boker, Henckels, Winchester, Marbles and Cold Steel. We have basic "e;no frills"e; Folding Knives as well as fancy knives with Damascus and Mother of Pearl. Let's take a closer look at brands and see what's popular. FromCase Cutlery, we offer the brand new Genuine Stag and Paua Abalone Series. These limited production Folding Knives are perfect for collecting, regardless of age or gender. In adddtion, Case features a wide variety of other handle materials, including 6.5 Bone Stag, Mother of Pearl, Amber Bone, Jade Bone, Red Bone and Silver Script.Queen Cutlerysupplies their premium-quality Carved Stag Bone and Cocobolo wood series. Queen also manufactures their highly collectible limited edition Schatt & Morganline.Schrade USA features the popular Uncle Henry series, as well as their Old Timer series. TheBokerbrand is famous for their Tree Brand Pocketknives, well represented by their Jigged Bone, Rosewood, Mother of Pearl and Deer Stag handled models. Boker just introduced their brand new Double Tree limited edition series, which include 6 different patterns with 3 handle materials. The Henckelsbrand is also very popular, featuring Solingen steel and premium Mother Of Pearl and Stag handles.Winchesteris also well known in outdoor circles, and offers their Ersatz Stag handle series as well as their wood handle series.Marbleshas been a top brand for over 100 years, and makes some the finest and most collectible knives. These include the Limited Edition Jumbo Congress and Peanut series, which are available with Jigged Bone, Stag, Mother of Pearl and Mastodon Ivory handles.Cold Steelproduces their Country Classics Collection, available with the premium Carbon V steel blades. Patterns include the Bird Knife, Two Blade Muskrat, Ozark Hunter, Two-Blade Hunter, Stockman and Trapper. As you can see,Pocketkniveshave been popular for countless generations and will continue to be an essential part of our heritage.


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