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DKW Top 10 Selling Products

1.) Emerson Combat Karambit, Black-T Finish, 154-CM, Plain

2.) Victorinox Pocket Pal, Cub Scout

3.) Wilson Tacticial Knife Lanyards, Assorted Colors

4.) Becker Necker, Carbon Steel With Black Epoxy Handle, Kydex Sheath

5.) Fallkniven U2 Pocket Folder

6.) Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Knife, 440C, Plain Edge

7.) Emerson Mini CQC7-B Wave Linerlock, Tanto, Black-T, 154CM, Plain or ComboEdge

8.) Leatherman Lockback Model K502X, Plain

9.) Xikar XI3 Cutter, Redwood/Stainless

10.) TOPS California Cobra - G-10 Handle, Double-Edge


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