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Hard Use Hunting Knives - Good For The Long Haul

It's the thrill of the hunt that lures thousands of outdoorsmen and women to spend weeks in the woods each year. No wonder Hunting Knives are such a staple item, and have been for centuries. Hunting knives, both Fixed Blade and Folders, are pure using knives, designed and built specifically for cutting rope, hanging branches, plastic, leather, and hopefully, downed game. Function is the key element, as they excel at utility, caping, gutting and field dressing.Daves Knife Worldis proud to carry a comprehensive selection of Hunting Knives, including such brands as Browning, Beretta, Benchmade, Buck, Boker, Case, Columbia River, Fallkniven, Kershaw, Ka-Bar, Lone Wolf, Marbles, Bark River, Knives Of Alaska, Gerber and United. We have basic "e;no frills"e; Skinning Knives as well as fancy knives with damascus and burl wood. Let's take a closer look at brands and see what's popular. FromBark River, we offer a wide variety of fine hunting knives, including the Big Game, Classic, Outdoor/Bushcraft and Professional series. Benchmadesupplies the Drop Point and Bird and Trout models in their Hunting Series.Berettafeatures the Big Game and Bird folders with Stag handles, as well as their Loveless Fixed Blade series. The Loveless Hunter Limited Edition "e;Whitetail"e; model is a true collectors item, packaged in a wooden box.Bokeris also known for their high quality, represented by their Arbolito fixed blade Stag series, and their 2 Blade Hunter, Folding Hunter and Large Frame Lockback series.Browningis also well known in outdoor circles, and offers their Colter Bay Skinner, Kodiak 3 Blade folder and Stag Folding Skinner. They also feature their Limited Edition Hunting Heritage Series folders.Buckhas been a top choice for over 100 years, and makes some the most popular fixed blade and folding hunters. These include the Alpha Hunter series, Buck 110 Folding Hunter and some beautiful Limited Edition models.Casehas the Mid-Folding Hunter model, available with several handle materials incuding genuine Stag. They also offer their Kodiak Hunter and Bowie models.Cold Steelfeatures their Laredo Bowie and Black Bear Classic fixed blade models, as well as their Trail Guide folders.Columbia Riverhas become one of the more innovative forces in cutlery, and offers a great lineup of Hunting Knives. The fixed blade models include the Alaska Pro Hunter Series, Carcajou and Cobuk. Folders include the Bwana, and the Serengeti Hunter.Fallknivenis a Swedish firm also well-known for their high quality cutlery, and features a great lineup of fixed blade hunters. These include the Idun, Frej, Njord, Odin and Thor models.Gerberis another well-respected company, and provides the Freeman Fixed Blade model as well as the Gator and the new Game Pro Folding Hunter.Ka-Barfeatures their Dozier and Warthog Folding Hunter and Skinner models, in additon to a nice lineup of fixed blade models.Kewshawoffers their popular Folding Field model, as well as their Deer Hunter, Kaper and Majesty fixed blade Skinning Knives. Another extremely popular and high quality manufacturer isMarbles. They showcase a wide varitey of fixed blade Hunting Knives, including the Caper, Fieldcraft, Gut Hook, Ideal, Trailcraft and Woodcraft series.Lone Wolffeatures their impressive Loveless series of folder and fixed-blade hunters.MercWorxis known for their premium Tactical knives, but the Orion makes a fine outdoors tool if you're willing to spend the money. Seki Cutfeatures their Bob Lum Hunter Series. Knives Of Alaska offers their fine Handmade Series fixed blade knives and their Presentation Series folder and fixed blade models. Another major force in the cutlery world,Spyderco, also appeals to the Hunting sector. They showcase their Pro-Grip, Impala and Chinook folders, as well as their Bill Moran fixed blade model.Timberlineoffers their fixed blade Treutel Gut Hook Skinner model. Last, but not least are theUnited Cutleryentries. They include the fine Hibben Alasken Series fixed blade knives, known as the Pro Hunter, Pro Guide and Small Game models. As you can see,Hunting Kniveshave always been and will continue to be a very dynamic and essential segment of the cutlery industry.

Hunting Knives

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