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Tactical Knives Designed For Extreme Survival Duty

Find the hottest Tactical Knives on the planet atDaves Knife World, including Combat Elite, Emerson, MercWorx, TOPS, Dark Ops, Ontario, Buck, Bradley, Masters of Defense, Camillus, Columbia River, Cold Steel, Ka-Bar, Becker Knife & Tool, Kershaw, SOG, Al Mar, Benchmade, Spyderco, Gerber, Boker, Lone Wolf, Gryphon, Fallkniven and Timberline. You will find a great selection of both fixed-blade models and folders in both theCombat EliteandMercWorxline. These knives have built a reputation for being tough under fiire, and provide solid value for your hard-earned buck. EachMercWorxknife is handmade by one of five craftsmen, from start to finish. The fixed-blade models are all hand-ground from either 154CM or S30V stainless, and heat-treated to 58C on the Rockwell scale, while the 3 folders are crafted from BG-42 stainless. The handles feature full-tang design with canvas Micarta grips. The fit and finish is impeccable and they are extremely well-balanced. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all MercWorx blades. TheCombat Elitebrand is also extremely popular, serving double-duty as both combat and outdoor survival tool. They are hand-crafted in the USA, featuring premium S30V stainless steel and custom quality. In short, they are built like tanks. The Tactical Elite Series and Rapid Response folders are both top sellers. TheBradleyAlias Series is also very popular. They offer premium components, and are made in the USA.  Check out the brand newEmersonCQC-10, CQC-11, CQC-12 AND CQC-13 folders and the Mini-CQC7B and Mini-Commander folders today! The Mini-CQC7B has all the features of it's larger brother, in a slightly smaller package.TOPShas built a solid reputation over the past 10 years, by building high quality tactical and sportsman knives utilizing the best components available. The fixed-blade models are all hand-ground from either 154CM or 1095 carbon steel, and heat-treated to 58C on the Rockwell scale, while the folders are crafted from 154CM stainless. The handles feature full-tang design with Linen Micarta grips. We also have the hot newOntarioRAT-3,  RAT-7 and TAK1 tactical adventure knives, designed by the professional survival training team Randal's Adventure & Training. These knives feature 1095 carbon steel blades, hardened to 56-58 Rc., Micarta handles with lanyard hole and Cordura nylon sheath. The Randal Training Adventure knife, USMC Multi Purpose Bayonet, Spec Plus Fighting knife and Spec Plus Marine Combat knife round out the Ontario line. We also carry theBuckStrider Solution fixed-blade and Buck Strider folders, as well as the Mayo TNT folder. TheDark OpsStratofighter combat folders are also popular, and ovver both the full-size and the Covert models. TheMasters of Defenselineup includes the CQD Mark V ATAC Fighter as well as the Trident and Hornet tactical folders. We have the hot newLone WolfHarsey Tactical folder line in stock now, at a special price. Other popular brands includeCamillus, featuring the Cuda Maxx and Cuda Dominator folders, as well as the Cuda Close Quarter Battle fixed-blade model. The Dominator folder features the Robo-Action Assisted Opening. TheColumbia Riverbrand includes the popular M-16, M1-03, Ryan Model Seven, Crawford/Kasper and G.W. Hawk D.O.G. folders. We also stock theKa-Bar,Fallkniven,GryphonandBecker Knife & Toolfixed-blade models. These include the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife, Fallkniven Swedish Military Survival knife, Gryphon's Terzuola Combat and M10 Utility/Boot models and Becker's Combat Bowie and Combat/Utility models. TheSOGline features the new Daggert Series, Special Edition Tech Bowie, Gov-Tac and Seal Pup Elite fixed-blade models as well as their Flash II and Pentagon Elite folders.Cold Steelhas a wide variety of high-performance knives, including their Recon 1 and their brand new Black Talon and Black Sable folders. TheBenchmadelineup features high quality folders which include their OSBORNE Model 940 series, Pardue 720 series, Pardue Presidio, AFCK, TSEK, ARES and STRYKER series.Al Mar,Boker,SpydercoandKershawalso offer first-class tactical folders. These include the Al Mar Sere, Boker AK-47 and ATF, Spyderco's brand new Spyker, and Kershaw's Ken Onion Boa and the hot new Spec Bump and Offset models.Timberlinefeatures the Lightfoot Zambezi Fixed-Blade and Lightfoot folders. Finally, don't forget to check out the highly-popularGerberSilver Trident fixed-blade combat knife as well as the Harsey Air Ranger and Applegate/Fairbairn tactical folders.

Tactical Knives Designed for Survival Duty

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