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DKW Customer Testimonials

”Got the Clotho today.  All I can say is that none of the photos I have seen for this knife do the in hand inspection justice.  It is a lovely work of functional art!  The blade finish is gorgeous and the cuts are melted and just make me smile.  There are few purchases I have made where the product has exceeded my expectations and this one certainly blew by the bar I had set.  Glad I was able to do business with you, Dave.  Love the MT2X Microtech and my new  M.W. Clotho. I also am very appreciative of your offer for a Marvainan print.  I would be grateful for a print of the Lamborghini Murcielago Emerald. Thank you for the knives and the print.  I wish you well and will spread the word to my circle of friends to shop with you.” Eric


“You never know what kind of business you are working with until you have an issue with a product they have sold.  You, my friend, run a tight ship. And, I have no problem doing business with you or referring business to you.  Thank you for your prompt responses.  I got my replacement knife yesterday afternoon, in perfect condition.”  Jim


“Thanks Dave...I Received Three Of The Four Today (23 March) - OUTSTANDING!!!  Let's Just Say That I Have A Very High Degree Of Post-Purchase Satisfaction.  The Lone Wolf Is A Work Of Art.  If You Get A Chance, Could You Give Me Some Idea When To Expect The Dark Ops.  In The Mean Time I'll Be Picking Out The Next One.  Thanks!!!” Steve


“I received my HD-7 today and I love it! It has not left my hand since I opened the box this afternoon. Thanks for all the help. You will have me as a long term customer. I might have more business for you, all my SWAT Cops now want to make an Emerson purchase from you.”  Ryan


I just ordered the Flash 1 and Twitch 1 and decided to call youI wanted to remind you that you said shipping would be free for my next knife.  You can send it any way you like. Thanks again for helping me with this and for your great customer service.  I was blown away when the owner picked up the phone on a Friday at .  Thanks again.”    Mike



“Thank you very much.  It's people & businesses such as you that help us to make Scouting what it is today for the boys.  I have bookmarked your website so that we can find it for any future needs, or for referring others who are in the market to buy knives.” Kurt,Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 31

“After checking around briefly for the best price on a new Harsey Tactical Folder, I came across your website and shortly ordered my knife.  Only afterwards did I consider that I had just purchased a fairly expensive item over the internet from an out-of-state company I knew nothing about. My initial apprehensions were completely resolved however, as I soon received an email confirming my order, then notification that it had been shipped, and less than 48 hours later had the package at my front door! I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service.” Walter


“I just wanted to say thanks again, my name is Charles. I ordered a Kabar Maserin folder from you about a month or 2 ago, and I just ordered another Kabar. I have told some of my friends in the Marines about your site, and they do their shopping now here too. Thanks for everything...”  Charles, Private, USMC


”Yes, I am still interested. Please place the order, and then let me know when you have it. I must say that I am quite pleased with the personalized service I've gotten so far with your site. I'm always on the lookout for another good knife supplier, and if your service continues, you have the job for a while.” Christopher

“Thank you for the super fast response. I am enjoying the Leatherman Charge immensely. I will keep you in mind for future knife and tool purchases.  Troy


”I received the Sebenza today and I love it. The knife really lives up to all you hear about it, the craftsmanship is A1. It's nice doing business with you. Please keep me in mind when you hear anything about the Microtechs we talked about.”  Keith