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Helle Knives

We are extremely proud to offer the fine Helle brand of Outdoors fixed blade knives.  Since early times, the Norwegian knife has been an important companion in everyday life. Norwegian knife manufacturing today is clearly influenced by traditional shapes and materials that were established hundreds of years ago. A well-made leather sheath and handles of wood, leather, and antler seem to be a legacy that Norwegians want to preserve. A/S Helle Fabrikker is dedicated to honoring this legacy by developing knives that are on the leading edge of technology, yet still maintain the traditional look and feel of a truly Norwegian knife.

Unique in Helle knives is the triple laminated stainless steel used to produce a tough, razor-sharp blade. The technology was developed by our company in cooperation with a Norwegian steel mill. The triple lamination process involves forging a thin slice of hard steel between two tough stainless steel layers.  The result is a blade which is almost impossible to break, while retaining its sharpness much longer.  Laminated steel is another Norwegian tradition that is rarely found in other parts of the world.  Helle is known for their painstaking attention to detail, using Curly-grained Birch handles, triple laminated steel blades and top grain leather sheaths.  Their knives are both functional as well as visually appealing.  All Helle products come attractively packaged in a tubular container with a polishing cloth.  We highly encourage you to try a Helle today!