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Gents Folders Are Now Cool!

The term "e;Gentlemans Folder"e; has taken on a whole new meaning in the cutlery world these days. More knife manufacturers are offering new designs as well as compact versions of their larger models to fill this niche. They run the spectrum from the money clip to the utilitarian "e;compact cutter"e; all the way to the smaller upscale limited edition collectables. This multi-faceted category is one of the hottest trends in cutlery today.Daves Knife Worldhas a great selection of Gents Folders, including such brands as Al Mar, Schrade USA closeouts, Spyderco, SOG, Boker, Benchmade, Beretta, Browning, Moki, MCusta, Lone Wolf, Gerber, Ka-Bar, Columbia River, Pro-Tech, Kershaw,  Xikar, Fallkniven and Seki Cut. FromMokiandMCusta, we have the ultra-fine collector knives, which include the Damascus and Mother Of Pearl models.  Another upscale brand,Pro-Tech, offers their Runt and Stinger compact auto's in several configurations and are California legal. TheBenchmadeMel Parude Opportunist and Benchmite models are also popular. Boker offers their upscale Gents Lockback in both Stag and Mother of Pearl handles.Al Maroffers their S.L.B. linerlock, as well as their Osprey and Hawk collector knives, which are available with Jigged Bone and Mother of Pearl handles.Lone Wolffeatures their classy Paul Pocket Folder with exotic wood handles. FromBrowning, we have the Presentation Lockback series, with handles available in Stag, Cocobolo, Quince and Mother of Pearl. The package includes a handsome presentation case with a gold Browning logo.Gerberfeatures their Silver Knight lockback in either Mother of Pearl or wood handles.Seki Cutoffers their upscale Hiro Little Blue linerlock model, with titanium frame and Quincewood or Mother of Pearl handles.Xikaralso shines in the upscale market, with their Elan and Excursion models.Spydercois well-known for their high quality, and their offerings include the Kiwi, Cricket, Dodo, Dragonfly, MeerKat and Salsa, as well as the brand new Poliwog and limited edition Kopa folders.Schrade'spopular Gents Folders include the Spitfire folder and Simon money clip. FromBeretta, we have the Trident folder. TheSOGlineup includes the Flash I, Blink, Twitch models as well as the hot new Topo Meridian. FromKershaw, we have the very popular Ken Onion Scallion,Chive and Leek models, all featuring their Speed-Safe assisted opening system. They also showcase the hot new E.T. (External Toggle) folder.Fallknivenoffers their U2 Pocket Folder and classy new Tre Kronor Series folders which utilize the incredible new Super Gold Powder Steel blade. FromColumbia River, we have the revolutionary Rollock model and the Wrangler lockback, the Pike's Peak and Mt. Shasta models from their 14K Summit series as well as the very popular K.I.S.S. money clip. Finally,Ka-Baroffers the new Maserin and Technocut lockback models, available with Olive Wood, Maple Burl and Stag handles. As you can see, the term"e;Gentlemans Folder"e;has taken on a new perspective, and the demand for these compact cutters is skyrocketing. After all, isn't it great to have a small folder which is affordable and not intimidating, yet will perform those daily chores such as opening boxes and envelopes, slicing food, cutting string and twine, or even cleaning fingernails? It's easy enough to find Gents Folders. The hard part is trying to decide which one to buy.

Gents Folders

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