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Extrema Ratio

Established in 1997 as a company manufacturing sporting knives, Extrema Ratio focuses on producing medium to high range quality knives. The production began using advanced industrial processes combined with a hand crafted finish, and this method continues to be used today. The only processes which are industrialized or automated are those that guarantee uniformity and a high production capacity, while the processes which guarantee the quality of each single piece remain hand crafted. Any work that in its nature requires the skill of the craftsman, such as sharpening the blades, is carried out exclusively by hand.

Following extensive contact and feedback with specialized Italian Military Units that commissioned their special knives, Extrema Ratio began to pay serious attention to the development of knives for tactical combat use. Thanks to the interaction with Italian armed forces and later with other international armed forces units, the company has established a reputation for building exceptional quality cutlery, and continues to accumulate valuable experience and critical information which has allowed it to manufacture knives which possess both practicality and high-performance attributes. What is unique about the company is that it has worked together with the armed forces with the intention, and consequent success, of raising the standard for the quality and functionality of modern exteme-duty military knives. We at Daves Knife World are extremely proud to be able to carry this ultra-fine lineup of combat fixed-blade and folding knives, and invite you to experience the overall quality and performance built into each knife.