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DKW Monthly Knife Drawing

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R. Wall of California has won a Kershaw Hinderer Cryo folder by submitting the winning entry for December 2012
YOU CAN BE A WINNER TOO....just place an order on our secure web site today!

Congrats to our December winner, and Good Luck to all of our customers in January!


Past Winners


M. Eggensperger of Arkansas ha won a Becker BK17 Short Clip Point in the November 2012 Drawing
T. Huxoll of Nebraska has won a Mantis Classier Act Linerlock Folder in the October 2012 Drawing

K. Bucco of New Jersey has won a Wetterlings Wildlife Axe in the September 2012 Drawing
K. Kosiek of Illinois has won a CRKT Ken Onion Shenanigan folder in the August 2012 Drawing

M. Jensen of New Hampshire has won a Boker Plus Nippon Neck Knife in the July 2012 Drawing

R. Augusta of Massachusetts has won a Spyderco Manbug folder in the June 2012 Drawing

G. Proffer of California has won a Kershaw Diskin Hunter fixed blade in the May 2012 Drawing

S. Lugiano of New Jersey has won a Kershaw Ken Onion Blur folder in the April 2012 Drawing

W. Fenstermacher of California has won a Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade in the March 2012 Drawing

M. Cooper of Ohio has won a Spyderco Cat linerlock folder in the February 2012 Drawing

J. Reich of New Hampshire has won a Boker Plus Gnome fixed blade in the January 2012 Drawing

A. Bechtold of Georgia has won a Ontario TAK-1 fixed blade in the December 2011 Drawing

A. Thompson of California has won a Spyderco Dragonfly 2, Sprint Run folder in the November 2011 Drawing

E. Ruot of Connecticut has won a Leatherman Wingman in the October 2011 Drawing

J. McDonald of North Carolina has won a TOPS Survival Neck Wallet in the September 2011 Drawing

A. Fatagati of New Jersey has won a Boker Plus Todd Begg Field Marshal folder in the August 2011 Drawing

J. Klimas of Massachusetts has won a Buck/Tops Short Nighthawk fixed blade in the July 2011 Drawing

P. Munoz of California has won a Buck Vantage Force Avid flipper folder in the June 2011 Drawing

K. Stark of Florida has won a Becker Companion fixed blade in the May 2011 Drawing

W.Cheyne of Florida has won a Boker Plus Titanium Blues folder in the April 2011 Drawing

J. Morgan of Alabama has won a CRKT Ken Onion Skinner in the March 2011 Drawing

J. Herold of California has won a Kershaw Turbulence folder in the February 2011 Drawing

A. Klafter of Virginia has won a Mantis The Principal fixed blade in the January 2011 Drawing

H. Brown of Virginia has won a Kershaw Speedform II folder in the December 2010 Drawing

R. Reneau of Texas has won a CRKT Elishewitz Tao Tactical Pen in the November 2010 Drawing

R. Nimon of  Arizona has won a Rat Cutlery Izula Signature Neck Knife in the October 2010 Drawing

D. Jankowski of Pennsylvania has won a Boker Plus Anti-MC Folder in the September 2010 Drawing

R. Thatcher of  California has won a Ontario Gen II SP46 in the August 2010 Drawing

C. Lawson of  Colorado has won a Benchmade Monochrome Folder in the July 2010 Drawing

G. Skiro of  Pennsylvania has won a Dark Ops X-8 Tactical Flashlight in the June 2010 Drawing

P. Garvin of  Arizona has won a SOG NW Ranger in the May 2010 Drawing

D. Ginesi of  Pennsylvania has won a CRKT Ripple 2 folder in the April 2010 Drawing

S. Dubb of  California has won a Rat Cutlery HEST in the March 2010 Drawing

F. Acevedo of  Arizona has won a Spyderco Meerkat Folder in the February 2010 Drawing

T. Huston of  Maryland has won a Bark River PSK in the January 2010 Drawing

L. Bailey of  Utah has won a Boker Jim Burke Mini Resurrection in the December 2009 Drawing

K. Bobincheck of has won a Helle Harding Fixed Blade Hunter in the November 2009 Drawing

T. Fetherof has won a Ltd. Edition Kershaw Ted Nugent Leek folder in the October 2009 Drawing

M. Skolnikof has won a Bark River Pro Scalpel II in theSeptember 2009 Drawing

D. Justonof has won a Spyderco Manix II Folder in theAugust 2009 Drawing

R. Travisof has won a Moki Bird & Trout Knife in theJuly 2009 Drawing

R. Ranklof has won a Leatherman Freestyle CX Multi-Tool in the June 2009 Drawing

K. Clarkof has won a Lone Wolf Dark Raven Tactical Folder in the May 2009 Drawing

W. Henryof has won a Boker Dozier Anchorage Pro  Hunter in the April 2009 Drawing

S. Ozboltof has won a S.A. Wetterlings Small Hunting Axe in the March 2009 Drawing

F. Johnson of has won a SOG Access Card 2.0 Folder w/Arc-Lock in the February 2009 Drawing

B. Howeof has won a SOG Aegis Folder w/SAT Assited Opening in the January 2009 Drawing

D. Westof has won a Ltd. Edition Ka-Bar Becker Necker w/San Mai Composite Blade in the December 2008 drawing

D. Baxterof has won a Ltd. Edition Kershaw Shallot w/ZDP189 Composite Blade in the November 2008 drawing

M. Mckinstryof has won a TOPS Street Scalpel in the October 2008 drawing

R. Meldrumof has won a Kershaw R.A.M. Flipper Folder in the September 2008 drawing

J. Crossof has won a Benchmade Combat Pen in the August 2008 drawing

A. Groeperof Oregon has won aLtd. Edition Kershaw Scallion in theJuly 2008 Drawing

A. Winataof has won a Bark River Little Creek EDC Fixed Blade in the June 2008 Drawing

S. Steelmanof has won a Boker Gamma Gent's Folder in theMay 2008 Drawing

J. Reedof has won a Queen Serpentine Jack Pocketknife in theApril 2008 Drawing

M. Finnof has won a SOG Mini Vulcan Tactical Folder in the March 2008 Drawing

R. Straubof has won a Leatherman Skeletool in the February 2008 Drawing

P. Crawfordof has won a Dark Ops Hellfighter X-8 Flashlight in the January 2008 Drawing

T. Schwendof Texas has won aMoki Serapis Gent's Folder in theDecember 2007 Drawing

D. Deckerof has won a Bark River Huntsman in the November 2007 drawing

M. Strom of has won a SOG Vulcan Tactical folder in the October 2007 drawing

T. Stewartof has won a Spyderco/Byrd ByrdRench in the September 2007 drawing

M. Ercolinoof has won a Bark River Mikro II Canadian in the August 2007 drawing

R. Nielsenof has won a MCusta Stingray Gent's folder in the July 2007 drawing

M. Kerrof has won a Kershaw Lahar Tactical folder in the June 2007 drawing

M. Holtof has won a Spyderco Spin Gent's folder in theMay 2007 drawing

N. Hallinof has won a Bark River PSK Neck Knife in theApril 2007 drawing

T. Gardner of has won a Lone Wolf Paul Presto Gent's folder in the March 2007 drawing

G. Laypoof has won a Junglee Tak Fakuta Signature Hunter in the February 2007 drawing

E. Roschof Michighas won a Spyderco Delica 4 folder in the January 2007 drawing

J. Braddockof has won a Case Ruger Ltd. Edition Pocketknife in the December 2006 drawing

N. Vassmerof has won a Buck Alpha Dorado Gent's folder in the November 2006 drawing

D. Jensenof has won an Emerson La Griffefixed blade in the October 2006 drawing

E. Brownof Arkansas has won aNorthwoods Knife Mini Skinner in the September 2006 drawing

M. Tannerof has won a Boker Jim Wagner Tactical folder in the August 2006 drawing

F. Listof has won a TOPS KnivesGent-X Tactical folder in theJuly 2006 drawing

A. Laubof has won a Lone Wolf Harsey T1 Tactical folder in theJune 2006 drawing

K. Edwardsof has won a Seki Cut Hiro Little Blue Liner Lock  folder in theMay 2006 drawing

R. Smithof has won a Spyderco Adventura folder in the April 2006 drawing

M. Gonserof has won a Kershaw Ken Onion Speed/Spec Bump in the March 2006 drawing

L. Milliganof has won a Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blurin theFebruary 2006 drawing

E. Wilhiteof California has won aBark River Blackwater Boot Knifein theJanuary 2006 drawing

G. Freeloveof has won a SOG Topo Meridian Gent's folderin theDecember 2005 drawing

D. Robersonof has won a Kershaw E.T. (External Toggle) Gent'sfolder in theNovember 2005 drawing

C. Wallaceof has won a Spyderco Calypso Jr Limited EditionGent'sfolder in theOctober 2005 drawing

R. Pinterof Michigan has won aBuck Alpha Dorado Gent'sfolder in theSeptember 2005 drawing

A. Thomsonof has won a Beretta Trident Gent'sfolder in the August 2005 drawing

J. Templinof Florida has won aGerber Trendy Limited Edition folder in theJuly 2005 drawing

R. Evanchickof has won a Inova Tactical/Police LED flashlight in theJune 2005 drawing

D. Obrienofhas won aKershaw K.O./Centofante Limited Edition folder in theMay 2005 drawing

K. Gamblinofhas won aLakota Teal SeriesTMSouthwestart knife in theApril2005 drawing