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Outdoorsmen who carry and use Browning knives are well familiar with their quality, durability and usefulness in the field for a myriad of outdoor chores. Browning has always insisted on using the very best materials and finest craftsmen in producing quality cutlery. Browning continues to take great pride in this legacy by introducing an association with five of the most prestigious knifemakers in the country. All have earned Mastersmith ratings with the American Bladesmith Society. They have now shared with Browning their unique designs for the Browning Mastersmith Collection. Each design reflects the pride and precision only made possible by such experienced and gifted hands.

Daves Knife World is very proud to present this Mastersmith Collection series of exquisite knives from five top knifemakers. The fixed blade designs will be made in the United States, while the folding models will be manufactured in Germany. Only 500 knives of each design will be made. The second design from each bladesmith will not become available for sale until his first design has been completely sold. This is a unique opportunity to own a magnificent knife designed by America's premier designers. But with only a mere 500 knives of each model available world-wide, they will soon be gone!