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The best of Bark River knives

Bark River KnivesBased in Escanaba, Michigan, Bark River Knife & Tool Company produces only the finest products for real outdoorsman. Featuring an array of traditional and contemporary designs and styles, Bark River knives are known as tools of exemplary performance. Each knife is available in two standard handle materials, Black Canvas Micarta or Green Canvas Micarta. Rest assured that all Bark River knives are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life. carries the company's fixed-blade outdoor survival knives, including the new "Sandstorm" series, as well as the new "Upland Special" series.

Get a grip on the Benchmade Griptillian

Benchmade GriptillianThe Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. was initially founded in California in 1987, but moved to Clackamas, Oregon three years later. As a fledgling company in a big industry of above all, hunting knives, Benchmade used a combination of outside vendors and in-company processing to create its finished products, using secondhand equipment on a limited budget. As its success grew, so did the company's in-house capabilities, until Benchmade became the first knife manufacturer to have laser technologies and other such equipment in-house. The company has continued to break ground by utilizing new, non-traditional materials and manufacturing methods to produce knives that are not only different, but also inherently better. Custom designs were introduced in 1991. Five years later, Benchmade moved into its own massive 35,000 square foot facility. The company continues to make innovative products for its loyal and ever-growing customer base, including the innovative Benchmade Griptillian.
Regarding care, Benchmade offers these tips to keep its high-performance cutting tools functioning at optimum levels:

  • Keep your knife sharp at all times; dull blades require more force, and are thus more dangerous
  • Don't sharpen with a power-grinding wheel, which can weaken the blade's integrity
  • Use your knife for its intended purpose only--never as a prybar, screwdriver, or hammer
  • Keep your knife's locking mechanism lubricated and clean of debris
  • Use a fine grade, semi-chrome polish to protect the blade against rust
  • Lightly lubricate the pivot from time to time to keep it working smoothly
  • Don't disassemble your Benchmade knife, as this will void the warranty

Here at, you'll find the Rukus & Blackwood Mini Skirmish folders, as well as the ever-popular Benchmade Griptillian. Happy shopping!

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DKW Top 10 Selling Products

1.) Emerson Karambit, Black-T Finish, Plain

2.) Schrade Uncle Henry Signature Premium Stockman, 3 Blades, Made in USA

3.) Fallkniven U2 Pocket Folder

4.) Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Knife, VG-10, Plain Edge

5.) Leatherman New Wave, Leather Sheath

6.) Xikar XI3 Cutter, Redwood/Stainless

7.) Emerson CQC7-B Wave Linerlock, Tanto, Black-T, 154CM, Plain or ComboEdge

8.) Cannon Deluxe MiniVault Single Gun Safe, Programmable w/Keylock Override

9.) Emerson Mini CQC7-B Wave Linerlock, Tanto, Black-T, 154CM, Plain or ComboEdge

10.) SOG Desert Dagger


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